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CISCO Anyconnect - VPN Client - remove random pop up / notifications

Users in my company find that when they log on to our windows 7 environment. A pop up appears in the bottom right of windows 7's notification area. This pop up is due to Cisco's Anyconnect VPN Client, and there seem to be no settings to turn it off. It can be minimised, but it keeps reappearing or the application can be quitted, but user's don't want to have to do this each time. We've tried the option in notifications to stop notifications from this application but that doesn't affect it.

Is there a way to stop the pop up in each session, so that it only appears if you click on the icon in the notification area.

I can't see any settings with the application itself.

See pop up below:



Dominic - my work location is having the same issue ( Windows 7 and the AnyConnect ssl client vpn and nam as well)

Have you had any success in resolving? 

We have not yet. Have TAC SR open and I think I have presented a challenge to them  : )

Did attempt to use the latest version of Cisco AnyConnect 3.1.02040 on 3 Windows 7
laptop.  This software would crash and AnyConnect would have be restart and at time the these
laptops would have to be rebooted.

Did anyone of you already havea solution? We kinda have this problem too...

Update?  Anyone resolve this?  TAC hasn't been able to resolve this for me either.  I

Found a solution!!

The problem is the following:

At startup the AnyConnect tries to contact the gateway. Depending on the answer, different things happens.

Variant 1: no answer

In this case the client thinks there is no internet connection and is okay with that.

Variant 2: gateway answers

In this case the client thinks okay, I can reach the server and is okay with that.

Variant 3: somehting other answers (proxy, firewall, ...)

In this case, another device sends eg. 403 or anything else than the client would expect. So it is kinda clever and thinks, hey, there is something between me and my gateway (that's how it also recognises web portals and other stuff) and is not so okay with it. It tries it a few times (can be seen in the logs) and then is annoyed and just pops up.

SOLUTION: Check if there is a proxy or anthing inbetween that sends something back to the client and try to get it not to answer at all, send a RESET or let it connect.


The Anyconnect has this feature:

Auto Reconnect—AnyConnect  attempts to reestablish a VPN connection if you lose connectivity  (enabled by default). If you disable Auto Reconnect, it does not attempt  to reconnect, regardless of the cause of the disconnection.

If you have connectivity issues or your client could not establish the connection the first time you will see your client trying to reconnect.

You can configure a XML profile to disable that feature if it is a problem for you.




Go to your client profile settings and do the following.

  • Uncheck "Auto Connect on Start"
  • Uncheck "Auto Reconnect"
  • Check "Automatic VPN Policy"
  • Trusted Network Policy = Disconnect
  • Untrusted Network policy = DoNothing

In addition to the auto connect feature, users may also get this pop up box if trusted network detection is enabled and the policy is to connect if the AnyConnect client detects that the computer is on an untrusted network.

Save your configuration. Once you change these settings, your clients will need to connect to the VPN to inherit this new policy.

So the answers here are super outdated by now, and I thought this might help someone because the SEO is still really strong for this thread: fixing the notifications is super easy now (for mac at least): just open your AnyConnect desktop application, and way on your upper left-hand toolbar click "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client", and then uncheck "Show connection notices". Super easy.

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