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Cisco VPN Client - Missing PSK?

Hi guys,

I have configured my ASA5520 to act as VPN server. It accepts connections from the internet and then it authenticates the user to a Windows 2008 Server via Radius.

Everything works fine if I use the VPN client embedded in Microsoft Windows. Conversely, if I try to configure Cisco VPN Client, I cannot find where to define the PSK string.

Wher is this option supposed to be?



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Jouni Forss


So you are trying to configure the Cisco VPN Client and create a connection profile for the VPN configured on the ASA?

You startup the VPN Client

Then create a new profile with the "New" button


  • Connection Entry = The name visible in the main window of the VPN Client
  • Host = IP address of the VPN device
  • Group Authentication
    • Name = The "tunnel-group" name on the VPN device
    • Password = The PSK / Pre Share Key on the VPN device

And press Save to save the new connection profile

- Jouni

Hi JouniForss ,

I am trying to connect the laptop to my Cisco ASA5520. I've tried to do what you suggest but I can't get connected :-(. Furthermore... if the password refers to the PSK, I have two questions:

1. Where do I tipe name/password of the user?

2. Why does it ask me for the tunnel-group name? Microsoft VPN does not...




You enter the username and password when you try to connect with the profile you created above.

I have never used the Microsoft VPN so I cant really comment on that. But in the Cisco VPN Client you need to define the "tunnel-group" name and the PSK in the mentioned fields.

The above steps I listed are just for creating the connection profile for the VPN Client. After you have created the profile you can then use it in the main window to connect.

- Jouni

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