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Establishing a VPN connection to FTD takes too long


I have one FTDv 7.2.3 with FDM management. I noticed that establishing a VPN connection to FTD takes too long. Each time the version of Anyconnect is checked, but it is the same that was uploaded to FTD. On other FTDs with FMC managed, the connection is established quickly. I didn't find any settings in FDM, how to fix it?

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This is very hard to say what is wrong here ?  what model both ? both running same code ?

is the authenticate take long or getting login take long ?

1. i would suggest extract the both the config and compare.

2. what user data source both uses to get authenticate ?

3. Routing working vs not working




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There are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue with slow VPN connection to FTDv with FDM management:

Verify the network connectivity between the AnyConnect client and FTDv with FDM management. Make sure that there is no network latency or packet loss that can affect the connection speed.

Check the AnyConnect version compatibility with FTDv 7.2.3. Make sure that the AnyConnect version you are using is compatible with FTDv 7.2.3. You can check the compatibility matrix on Cisco's website.

Check the FTDv configuration for AnyConnect. Make sure that the AnyConnect configuration is correct and the necessary policies are applied.

Enable debug logging on the FTDv with FDM management to check for any errors or issues that might be causing the slow VPN connection.

Try upgrading the FTDv with FDM management to the latest version to see if it resolves the issue.

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