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FPR 1010 Debugging Ipsec

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Hi all, 

i have a FPR 1010 with site-to-site tunnel configured with preshared key but it dosent connect to remote peer

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many reason may cause this 
but the first is 
can you ping the remote peer ?

Yes i can ping the peer

are you have dual WAN interface ?

No i have one Wan interface

Please share your sanitized configs for review.

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Level 1

this is my configuration 

show running-config crypto

crypto ipsec ikev2 ipsec-proposal SAP_IPSEC

 protocol esp encryption aes-256

 protocol esp integrity sha-256

crypto ipsec security-association pmtu-aging infinite

crypto map s2sCryptoMap 2 match address |s2sAcl|5e049f9e-40b6-11ed-9f80-81ae564ba8a4

crypto map s2sCryptoMap 2 set pfs group20

crypto map s2sCryptoMap 2 set peer

crypto map s2sCryptoMap 2 set ikev2 ipsec-proposal SAP_IPSEC

crypto map s2sCryptoMap interface outside

crypto ca trustpool policy

crypto ikev2 policy 1

 encryption aes-256

 integrity sha384

 group 20

 prf sha256

 lifetime seconds 86400

crypto ikev2 enable outside

crypto ikev1 policy 150

 authentication rsa-sig

 encryption des

 hash sha

 group 5

 lifetime 86400

crypto ikev1 policy 160

 authentication pre-share

 encryption des

 hash sha

 group 5

 lifetime 86400



when i check the tunnel  is down and there isn't assocation with ikev2 e isakmp..

how can i debug the process of connection? 



crypto ikev2 enable outside
but you dont have any IKEv2 policy config ??
the config is for IKEv1 not for IKEv2.

i create the tunnel from the web interface and i select IkeV2 policy 



to enable crypto ikev2 on outside interface i need f the console ( usb cable ) or ssh session from the managment interface?



use the management Interface (ssh to it). login to it and give these command

> expert
FTD:~$ sudo sfconsole

debug crypto condition peer x.x.x.x

debug crypto ikev2 platform 255

debug crypto ikev2 protocol 255

debug crypto ipsec 255



have to configure the NAT rules (NAT exmption) I do not see it. unless you have not posted them.


you can run the packet-trace command on your CLI.


packet-tracer input inside tcp c.c.c.c.c 22 d.d.d.d.d 22 detail


where c.c.c.c is source and d.d.d.d is destination of the remote network

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this is the output 



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Level 1


this is the configuration with nat and ikev2 only enabled but i cant see the vpn tunnel





In order to see the live logs you have to put a command "terminal monitor"

looking into your screen shots you are not hitting your ACL rule. have you define the ACL and NAT rules?


have a look on this provided link I guess you are using stand-a-lone FTD

Configure Site-to-Site VPN on FTD Managed by FDM - Cisco

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You  had a NAT issue once fixed the traffic was going through the tunnel.

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