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Industrial Router with IPSec for Cisco ASA-5525


Hey Guys, 


i need the know how and experince of all the guys in the forum. 

In our Company, we buyd a cisco ASA-5525 and i need to connect all of our VPN-Connections (over 200) from our old Firewall to the new ASA Cluster. 


Actually, our VPN-Routers uses 4G and we have some Devices with xDSL. 

But they are not compatible with the new ASA. 

They just periodly drop connections oder never come back until the we restart the device.


So Guys.....can you recommend some VPN-Routers (4g / xDSL /or both in one unit) that works with the ASA?

It is nessesary that the Router can be installed on a top hat rail. 


Thank you and have a nice week. 



p.s. sorry for my english


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thanks 4 your answer. 

Do you know, wether it is possible to use these Routers on a top hat rail? 


Do you know some other routers or do you have some knowledge with other Routers? 


Thank You 



   I know what each of those words mean (top, hat, rail), but don't have a clear picture of what a "top hat rail" means; a picture would be awesome.



Cristian Matei.



    Looks that the DIN rail meets your requirements, check here.



Cristian Matei.

Karsten Iwen
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

You could also look at the ISA-3000:

Especially if you are already familiar with the ASA-configuration. They have no build-in xDSL or 4G, but still could be the right fit depending on the rest of your requirements.

Thanks for your reply. 

This Device is nessesary, when you use your own that right? 

Like having Fibre from Location a to Location b. 

It would be the right fit when you need firewall-services anyway and you have an Ethernet-WAN or can add an external DSL-modem and/or 4G gateway.

thanks for the advice, but i need xdsl or 4g Router. 

But i will remeber this.

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