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IP Sec tunnel between a Fortigate NGFW and a Cisco FTD device

hi i am having issues setting up what should be a straight forward tunnel between a fortigate 100. now i know the default for the fortigate is route based ip sec tunnels and the FTD is policy based hopefully that will change but even after finding the feature to force it to be policy based and using the settings matching some current tunnels which go to vASA, Azure vNet and some sonicwall devices all fine i just cant bring it up and need some advice on trouble shooting this still new to the FTD and never used the fortigate device before. Any one out there setup vpn tunnels between these devices and got any pointers much appreciated as i can find plenty of info about fortigate to ASA but not to FTD

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Technically i do not see any major different establishing tunnel between ASA (FTD) to FTgate is same, if you are encountering any issue


please provide the Logs and information, we are happy to review and suggest if we can.



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