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Multiple Profiles Support in AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

Paul Eisenberg
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I work for a professional services company and need to access customer networks via VPN. I have multiple customers using the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. Currently, accessing one customer network seems to remove configuration profile details for other customer networks. The client has a dropdown list that leads me to believe it should be able to manage multiple profiles - but only one is listed at any given time AND I cannot find an option in the client that would allow me to manually import another profile. Please advise.



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Paul Eisenberg
Level 1
Level 1

Figured it out.... Adding another HostEntry section to the profile worked. It sure would be nice (and save me a lot of time!) if the client provided a way to add or import this information via the UI. Can't imagine why or how that was left out so far.

Go to  C:\ProgramData\Cisco\Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client\Profile (on  Windows) and edit the profile document to add another HostEntry  section. Sure would be nicer if they just let you configure this via the  client UI - but suppose that would be too easy! Grumble grumble. No, I  am not a Network Engineer and I did not stay at a Motel 6 last night  either. Just snooped around Cisco support forums for a clue. Would like  to have that hour + back though!

If they're setup thus, their profiles should add to those in your Profile directory and result in a longer drop down list in your client to choose from. I similarly have cause to log into a dozen or more clients' VPNs - some of which I set up ("properly" I hope ) and some of which I have no control over. About 90% of them do add to the profiles as desired.

There are choices one can make when building a profile as to whether to present an Alias to populate a drop down list. If there's only a single connection profile, some would argue there's no need to create such an alias. they don't think of it in terms of a remote user wanting to keep track of multiple VPNs.

Yep. My point was more about the fact that editing profiles or importing of additional profiles should be supported via the UI so users don't have to hunt around for and edit text configuration files.