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network connecting with quickvpn client

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Level 1

I have been using QUICKVPN   client for years to connect my laptop to my office network. the laptop previously had XP as a OS. i had set my laptop workgroup to match the network and connect to outlook, map drives and dowload files.

i had to upgrade to VISTA to install some newer programs.  ihave not made any changes to the router and QUICKVPN client still connects to the router but i no longer can access the office network.  i have matched the domain with work but cannot find the problem.

Any suggestions

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Try to uninstall the QuickVPN and re-install it. Most VPN Client doesn't survive OS upgrade.

Quickvpn was connecting to the router. i checked the status while i was connected. i also tried uninstalling and reinstalling QuickVPN already.

Can you pls share your router configuration.

Also do you have another machine that has QuickVPN installed that was working before, is that machine still working?

1. my PC at home is XP and it connects fine.  

2. Here is the backup config from the WRV210.

3. Like I said, QuickVPN is connecting to the router but the laptop does not connect to the network.  it connects to the service fine in the office.  I have changed the Laptop domain to match the office network. Are there other locations i need to match up?

What version of QuickVPN are you using? Have you tried to use the latest version and see if it works on your Vista machine. Also what is your router version?

i am online right now from my home PC running XP.

QuickVPN ver.; What is the current version?

WRV210 ver.

is there some connection mapping to connect to the network with Vista.  would i have the same problem with Windoes 7?