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Old VPN 3000 Concentrator Password Reset

Level 1
Level 1

So I have an old VPN 3000 Concentrator that I do not have any idea what is running on it. The previous network admin didn't leave a password for it, so I tried to reset the password. I was successful in doing so, but when I try to access it with the default of admin/admin via web browser, I still cannot access it. I am loathe to remove or power off this device without knowing what is on it. Any help be appreciated.

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Are you able to telnet or console to the VPN 3000 using the default admin/admin?

Telnet no. And Console just shows the connections that are running. Nothing else. Not your standard CLI.

can you share the output from console?

VPN 3000 has menu based command line.

Menu based command line? Like the one in the GUI? I cannot access the GUI whatsoever. And like I stated previously, the only output I get from the console connection is the running VPN connections.

Yup, menu based just like the one in GUI.

Here is some screenshot:

Gained access by admin/admin, but the console is still showing all the VPN tunnel traffic. I can't do anything because the tunnel is killing any results that are showing up. I don't know how to turn it off because I can't see any screen to turn it off.