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Hello,We have two 3000 vpn concentrators. Under both of  their load balancing fields, Configuration - Load balancing , the checkbox for loadbalancing is enabled.However both have different priorities, one with 10 and other with 1. Does this mean both...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi,We have IPSec L2L tunnel between Cisco ASA (8.2.x) and Juniper. When we have crypto ACL with permit IP (wihtout port) it working fine. However we only need to allow tcp port 1521 (Sql net).When we modified the crypto ACL with port level, traffic f...

pemasirid by Beginner
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HiUsing AC for "tunnel all" ipsec vpn. DNS resolving is slow when host is not in default domain. We have 3 domains. In case we need to resolve a name in domain3. This is what happens.E.g. ping hostA (hostA resides in domain3, so hostA.domain3 is the ...

Hi All,Is there a fix or some option that I can set on the ASA or AnyConnect client that will allow for Windows client to register their DNS correctly in Windows AD DNS?  I am currently using the IP Pools setup on the ASA to hand out IP addresses.  T...

wngwngwng by Beginner
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                   I am having issues accessing resources on the inside network when connecting with Cisco client VPN to a Cisco ASA 5510 running 8.4(3) version of the IOS. I have tried all of the new 8.4 NAT commands but cannot access the inside net...

mattr1973 by Beginner
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I'm having problems with Hostscan on Windows Enterprise edition SP1 (64bit), cscan fails to identify running processes and returns exists='false'                   Hostscan running on Windows 7 professional SP1 (32bit) identifies running processes wi...

Hi,I've got a Problem with the ACL's on a ASA 5510 Cluster:the connected Client cannot resolve DNS; the Log says: %ASA-session-5-106100: access-list ACL-INSIDE denied udp inside/172.27.xxx.1(53) -> outside/192.168.xxx.8(59893) hit-cnt 1 first hit [0x...

gaigl by Participant
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Hi,a customer is running ASA5505 and they have a cloud server behind site-to-site VPN tunnel. They are complaining that FTP transfers are very slow (3-4MB) and the connection goes down very often. They are transfering large (3-6GB) back-up files and ...

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