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Select profiles in RA VPN between FP ver 7.0.1 an Azure


We have a FP ver 7.0.1 integrated with an Active Directory; additionaly there is a Remote Access VPN configured with 2 connection profiles, each one with an alias (Alias1 and Alias2).

When a user connects through Anyconect, they have the option to choose between Alias1 or Alias2 according the group.

We recently, set up a Remote VPN in this FP ver 7.0.1 and Azure. For this configuration we added a new connection profile to the existing VPN and called the alias as AliasAzure. In this case when a user connects via Anyconnect, the Azure Windows screen is inmediatly displayed without the option to select between Alias1, Alias2 or AliasAzure. In fact the windows to choose the alias does appear but behind the Azure's one.

Is there an option to prevent automatic display of windows from Azure at connection time?


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Pavan Gundu
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You can make use of group URLs goes to alias1 connection profile goes to alias2 connection profile goes to AliasAzure connection profile


Extend it with AnyConnect XML profile to configure Server List so that you can see a drop down to select which profile you want to connect.

Thank you Pavan,

Do you know a link with detailed information about Extend it with AnyConnect XML profile to configure Server List, in case of FMC.


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