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vpn disconnecting issue

Level 4
Level 4

hi all,

i am facing one issue ,

i am having site to site vpn beween dynamic to static ip between two sites .

dynamic is a ADSL line.

the vpn is working fine but my problem is every day one guy has to intiate from dynamic to static side then only the whole day it is working ,like if ideal for few hours the vpn is dissconecting .

so there is any solution to keep this connection permeantly

i tried "lifetime to none and 86400".


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Level 4
Level 4

Assuming there is no problem with the ADSL connection itself, have you tried generating traffic continuously between this site and your central site?  It may be that the ADSL is dropping because there is no traffic over the connection for a period of time.   Usually this does not cause a problem at the ADSL site because the ADSL comes up as soon as traffic is generated by someone at that site.  If you are trying to reach the ADSL site from a central site you may find that it is unreachable until someone initiates some traffic from the ADSL site.

If you have an application that periodically generates traffic from the ADSL site it may be enough to keep this connection active all the time.