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Juste Juste

VPN login failes

Hi guys,

I am not an expert in IT, so I need your help. I want to connect to my workplace via VPN on my laptop. I did this hundreds of times and everything was ok. I would enter my credentials and succesfully conncet to my server. However, today I cannot do this. It keeps saying ''login failed''. No explanation. What can be an issue? I restarted my computer several times - nothing changed. Is this an issue with a server? Please help me somehow:((


JP Miranda Z
Cisco Employee


Hope this info helps!!

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Thank You very much for replying.

I am AnyConnect client. Not very sure about whther it is a router or ASA... Maybe I can check it somewhere in the properties (it is my organization server so I am not currently aware of all those server properties).

I log in to a created VPN organizational group using my username and vpn generated password.

I can see in VPN Cisco Anyconnect message history such things:

[2016-09-11 05:50:13] Ready to connect.
[2016-09-11 05:50:39] Contacting xxxxxxx.
[2016-09-11 05:50:39] Please enter your username and password.
[2016-09-11 05:51:05] User credentials entered.
[2016-09-11 05:51:05] Login failed.

How can I at least try solving this issue?...


Hi Juste, 

Can you attach the following commands:

sh run tunnel-group 

sh run group-policy

sh run aaa-server

You definitely need to identify first if this is authenticating with the local database of the ASA or a remote server.

Hope this info helps!!

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Cisco Employee

Hi Team,

I am experiencing the same issue as well.  If someone could reach out to me at (919) 812-0113 to further discuss that would be very helpful and appreciated.


Kimberly Richards  

If you are getting a prompt for login credentials that seems to indicate that you are communicating with the VPN head end device. So we probably can take any IP connectivity issues away as possible causes of the problem. I recently worked with a customer who was experiencing similar issues. We found that if we uninstalled the AnyConnect client and then connected to the VPN head end device that it loaded and installed a fresh copy of the client and then the user was able to establish their VPN session. You might give that a try.

If a fresh copy of the client does not resolve the problem then I do not know of much that you can do on your own to resolve this. I would suggest that you need someone who has access to the VPN head end device to do some troubleshooting. My experience that frequently symptoms like this are caused by some kind of authentication problem (usually some issue with your unique user account or with the authentication server). But there are possibly other issues that they might troubleshoot. So I suggest that you contact who ever provides corporate support for VPN and request their assistance.





I have this same issue with a single User who cant connect to VPN using Cisco Anyconnect, other users can connect its just this one user that cant connect

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