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Authentication by Machine name instead of Username

Hi All,

I want to deploy following scenario: I want to create a group for domain servers on AD and configure policy based on that group. So whenever my system administrator needs to have internet access on particular server he can make that server member of created group and WSA will authenticate using machine name based on that group. Is it possible?

I think on WSA side it is not configurable and We will need to change configuration on servers that they send machine name for authentication which i headache but I wanted to just confirm.


Thanks in advance!

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I believe in the DataCenter, Server IP going to be fixed, they will not change as recularly as user Laptop or PC.


So you can create that range of IP for an Identy and  Access rule to allow as per your requirement.


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I know that with IP identity I can solve the problem. But I cannot make Datacenter Servers have internet always. I just want internet access to be open by Sysadmin. Whenever he want to open inter for particular server, he just adds server to group on AD. I think that is no possible