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I had an issue after deploying Cisco WSA as a web security gateway with outlook email client, the case as below: 1- Cisco WSA HTTPS proxy is configured with self-signed certificate to intercept the encrypted traffic. 2- Customer email server is host...

ama1510 by Level 1
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Hello, We are experiencing an issue with a new WSA transparent deployment using NTLM authentication. The Edge browser seems to be the only browser affected by this issue. Periodically, users are asked to re-authenticate. It has been difficult to tro...

hi, can someone help me with this statement from cisco guide when doing transparent proxy using wccp and enabling ip spoofing:- this is mentioned i am not understanding. "When IP spoofing is enabled and the appliance is connected to a WCCP router, ...

Since the new splash screen on the login page the login banner appears to be limited to two lines.   Does anyone know a work around for this?The official DOD banner is:You are accessing a U.S. Government (USG) Information System (IS) that is provided...

mathailey by Level 1
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