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Hi the company that i work for is in the hosting business, each customer have there own Context on our ASA Clusters. im in the process of migrating af Customer with a active subscription to CWS, to a context. from what i can read in the CWS document...

I am using WSA in transparent mode, ASA as WCCP redirector. I can not get some pages. (www.arspoetica.sk for instance) Browser (Mozila) open file save dialog with application/octet-stream application. But there is no such a stream from this page. Whe...

tpospisil by Level 1
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Good day everyone. I've got a problem with Cisco Web Security Appliance S170. After last power off the appliance refuses to boot properly. Console just gives me "Starting AsyncOS services ... " output, that is all. Alarm LED if off, top HDD LED flash...

If an user is authenticated on a windows machine and he goes to a web-page that is blocked for him/her, is there any way I can display an option for the user to authenticate with a different login and access that page? I'm in a situation where multi...

guibarati by Level 4
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Howdy,We are running WSA's and have three interfaces configured, management and two interfaces for web traffic. The management interface is called: wsa_name.domain.com P1 is called: wsa_name-inside.domain.com P2 is called: wsa_name-outside.domain.co...

Hi, does anyone have implemented any specific WSA configuration for TOR ? Hou are your organization dealing with this? We have WSA and other Cisco product like ASA, and Sourcefire in place Next will be ISE. but i would like to concentrate on WSA a...

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