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http://webfilter/B0000D0000N... etc added to web URL's



We have an IronPort S160.  We are working on a new branch office and with that comes a new IP subnet.  I am having extreme difficulty getting out to the internet from this new subnet.  When I try to goto for example, the URL bar in IE9 changes to:


This leads to a never ending blank white page that appears as if its trying to load something, but nothing ever loads.

Pings back and forth from this subnet to other LAN or even internet URL's come back looking normal.  Average 49ms to google for example.  Average 1ms to our webfilter and an average ping of 1ms to our ASA firewall.

The webfilter and firewall talk WCCP.  Network traffic looks great except for anything HTTP either internally or exeternally.

This is a strange problem we have never experienced before.  Do you have any idea what we could check?

The new branch network is as follows

Cisco 3750x switches to Cisco 2911 router.

10mbps fiber wan connection and also backup 1.5mbps MPLS T1 connection.

Home office:

10mbps fiber from the new branch comes into a Cisco 3750 switch port and it is vlan'd.  The 3750 is part of our core switch stack and does the routing.  Anything destined for the ineternet goes to an ASA5500 and WCCP takes that over to the IronPort and back.

MPLS comes into a Cisco 2811 router which is also connected to the switch stack.