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WSA - Upgrade

We are planning an upgrade on a couple of WSAs running version 10.5.2-072 and the idea is to get to version 11.5.1-115. The release notes mentions that we can go directly to the newer version but I would like to know if there is a guide with the required steps, roll back actions and consideration when having WCCP redirecting traffic to both WSAs. I should be able to upgrade one while the other one takes care of the Web traffic, right?

I am just trying to minimize the risk.


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Re: WSA - Upgrade

Upgrade path mention below document :


10.5.2-072 --> 11.0.x  -->  11.5.x


Since you have 2 WSA in network, it is easy for you to upgrade.


1. remove WCCP  configuration for the WSA 1 which you decided to upgrade.

2. Make sure you have all the backup without masking.

3. make sure WSA have internet connection

4. Make sure you read the release notes before upgrading and understand any caveats.

5. above URL have steps to upgrade.

6. Once upgrade successfully bring back WSA to Live environment, do some failovers to new WSA. make sure all working as expected. before you upgrade other one. leave for couple of days working - before you upgrade other one.

7. all working as expected, then move to WSA 2 upgrade as same procedure.


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Re: WSA - Upgrade

Thanks for the reply.

Based on the release notes it seems that I can upgrade directly to version 11.5.x


When you say: "remove WCCP  configuration for the WSA 1 which you decided to upgrade.", do you mean disable redirection on the GUI of via CLI? What command do I need?


Re: WSA - Upgrade

On the one are doing the upgrade on, go to Network/Transparent Redirection.

Click on the "Edit Device..." button, and change it to "Layer 4 switch or No Device", submit/commit. (it will remember the other settings)

Do the upgrade.

Once it is up, go change it back.

Make sure the router or firewall sees it again.

Repeat on your other box.

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