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On-Prem Endpoints using WebEx Meetings and OBTP



I have a requirement to use TMS, TMSXE, Expressway-Core/Edge and on-prem endpoints (registered to Expressway-Core) to use WebEx Meetings as a bridge. I'd like TMS to use WebEx Meetings as a resource and present the video dial in address using OBTP.


WebEx Meetings is already available with CMR  in the cloud, endpoints at the moment can dial into WebEx but we can't schedule the endpoints with this and get OBTP as everything is on-prem.


I've been through the CMR Hybrid documentation, seems slightly dated but last version states that an on-premise MCU or Conductor is required for this to work.


Is there any way we can follow this design but instead of using an MCU to dial out to WebEx Meetings, instead present the same video address as OBTP to the endpoint and allow the endpoints to dial out direct via the Expressway's?


Thanks, Simon


Hi Adam,

Yes, I’ve seen this information - the issue I have is that the diagram for OBTP and on-premise endpoints In your second link seems to elude to an on-prem MCU not being required but in the TMS section it links me back to the CMR Hybrid documentation (written in 2017), which then states an on-prem MCU is required.

It’s almost as if the CMR Hybrid documentation isn’t up to date as the help centre blogs.

Thanks, Simon

The older docs are not as up to date.  The docs I referenced are the latest dated and most accurate.  The docs from 2017 have some good info, but do not contain the latest, complete information.


MCU is not required.  You can do Webex in the cloud with TMS on-prem.  


Thanks Adam - appreciate your feedback on this.

I’ll go over the links in more detail, if all the endpoints are registered to Expressway do you still need to deploy the hybrid calendar connector?

WebEx would be scheduled via PTools, @webex wouldn’t be needed for this scenario.

Thanks, Simon

It should work as long as TMS can manage the endpoint, with TMS XE setup and running with Exchange. When you schedule with pTools and invite the room the meeting details should be understood by TMS. The "Productivity Tools" became the Webex Meetings App. If you don't use Exchange/O365 then the Hybrid Calendar apparently can help link TMS to Webex Cloud.


We are also struggling with this issue. 


What you're saying is that if you book a Webex Meeting with Ptools(or @webex), invite the room and have TMSXE integration then TMS will know to call the webex meeting and add the one button push?  




Yes, it picks up on the URI and details from the invitation.

You don't see it show up as "webex" in TMS since it's not as far as it is concerned (that seems to be related to cmr hybrid) but it shows up as an external URI for the video call and books the meeting

Works the same as any other way you can book with XE and have it pick up on the URI in the email, be it or some other URI.

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