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Cisco ATA 191 Microsoft Teams SIP


Good day, all,

I've read on this form that the Cisco ATA 191 and ATA 192's are supposed to be supported by Microsoft Teams starting early 2023.


Upon talking to Microsoft about this, they were unable to confirm this information and couldn't give any setup documentation on this so I am not sure how legitimate this information is. Upon further investigation though, I saw that AudioCodes actually had a guide on how to implement the Microsoft SIP with their ATAs, which seems validate the article above.,and%20devices%20to%20Microsoft%20Teams.


So I guess that leads me to ask, does anyone have any documentation or advice on how to set the Cisco ATA 191 up with Microsoft Teams SIP?


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Did anyone ever solve the dial-out problem?

We're using ours on a workshop bell, so it's not the end of the world - but it would be nice to have a fix.

We also had an issue with a DECT phone where the phone "quick dials" all the numbers after you press Green - the timeout on the phone was longer than the 5 seconds allowed so the ATA went to fast busy unless you typed a really short number.


Hi Chris


We've got both the AudioCodes and the Cisco ATA191 on site.

The AudioCodes is now set up and working with Teams SIP Gateway, so the functionality is there. It required a firmware update.

I've followed the same general steps on the Cisco ATA 192 we have and it's not accepting the device provisioning code from the Teams Admin Centre - presumably we're still waiting for a firmware upgrade from Cisco.

The Cisco ATA however has pulled through the proxy details from the provisioning URL so it is doing something.

I'll post back here if I have any success.

I did manage to find a guide on GitHub that worked perfectly for me. I was able to successfully provision a device to teams on an ATA 191.

The problem I am having now is I can't get Teams remote sign-in to work with the analog phone I am using. It is an old Bell Phones Favorite, so it may just be too old. I am going to try it with a more modern analog phone and see how that goes.
Ill update this post on how that goes, hopefully I can test it again early next week.

Update - our ATA 192 is now connected! Thanks for the guide it was super-helpful.

It's very similar to the AudioCodes one I think the URL is ever so slightly different.

Screenshot 2023-01-27 142839.png

We had those problems the first time on the AudioCodes ATA - I would encourage you to re-read through the Microsoft Plan for SIP Gateway and Configure SIP Gateway pages - there are some instructions in the paragraph text that aren't immediately clear on a skim read.


  • Make sure your Calling Policy allows SIP devices to be used for calls (slider right near the bottom)
  • Make sure your user account has an Shared Device License, and IP Phone Policy where the sign in mode is set to CommonAreaPhoneSignIn (you have to do this through PowerShell, its not visible in the Admin Centre)
  • Make sure your user account has a PSTN number assigned (We used a Calling Plan number which worked fine)

I have managed to get the ATA set up correctly and I have double checked the Microsoft documentation. I have the device added to to the Teams Admin center and was able to remote sign-in. I have also made sure the user account I am using has a calling policy that allows SIP devices.

I am able to answer calls on the analog phone, but for some reason, I am unable to make calls out on it. I'll type in a number and then after 6 seconds, I get a busy tone.

Is there anything you did differently on your ATA compared to what was within the guide?


I have exactly the same issue , when I use a Poly Obi 300 with the same account on teams this does work , to my mind the Cisco ata191 has a setting missing that prevents dial out .

Thanks ,



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