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Hello all,I'm very new to RoomOS and I'm trying to figure out if development has to be done on a physical device or if there is an emulator that can be used?Many thanks for your time.

jpunc by Level 1
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Do I need to acquire a license if I purchase a Cisco room device? If a license is required, what is the procedure to obtain one?

Yohan1 by Community Member
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We have 6 spark units at our organization.  They are linked to our phone CISCO phone system.   We are swithing to MITEL phones (not my choice!!)  Can these units be disconnected from the phone system and be used on a license that does not require a p...

Is it possible to connect a Room Navigator to a Desk Pro?  I have an executive that does not like to lean towards the camera to shut it off as they say it looks unprofessional and would like to do this with either a Touch 10( EOL) or Navigator.

Hi Team, We are facing some issues on all Webex devices, we are using  Cisco Desk Pro ,Desk, Room kit ,Room Bar the device license has already assigned, but when ever we are turned off the device the next day once turned on the device it is showing c...

Working in a relatively complex space with multiple PTZ4K cameras, multiple Ceiling ceiling mics and multiple HDMI displays running into a EQ Codec in a tricky location (due to requirements for screen sharing via USB-C, access to the navigator etc.) ...

mjtk by Level 1
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