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WebEx Board 55S disconnects during meetings

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We have a couple WebEx Board 55s. They work well but we do notice some sporadic 'disconnects' causing the boards to have to rejoin a meeting. The connection is wired and our internet speed is 100Mbps fiber. I have a Cisco ASA but there is a tcp state-bypass for the IP addresses of the two boards, so the traffic to/from them is not even inspected. The connection logs show a n other/remote disconnect when this happens. I feel like everything is good with the board, our firewall, and internet connection. This has never happened with one of our computers or cell phones connected to meetings. And I also realize there are variables beyond my control. I am hoping someone out there may have had the same issues and offer some advice. Could it be how they are setup?

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I had this problem too. What i found is device was registered on CH and CH was not able to recongnize device. I checked configuration and registered it. It worked well then.

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