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Different meeting number from /meetings APIs for a space meeting

Raffaele Lagana
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Team, we can observe there is different meeting number from API response and from actual meeting info. is that behave correct or else how to fetch actual meeting number through API.


After initiate actual meeting , we can see Meeting Number : 2339 646 9166, room info : {
"roomId": "Y2lzY29zcGFyazovL3VzL1JPT00vOGFlNGE4YTAtMWQ0YS0xMWVkLThhOGEtMTc3MWIzYzRjNzJi",
"meetingLink": "",
"sipAddress": "",
"meetingNumber": "23335163193",
"meetingId": "b482dba039384bdcb319d6bce3a9a4b8",
"callInTollFreeNumber": "",
"callInTollNumber": "+1-213-459-0237,+1-646-992-2010"

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Raffaele Lagana
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I think this is a direct result of the new enhanced space meetings, see: . I think this functionality means that each instance of a space meeting will have different meeting numbers. The API engineers are working on providing a way to fetch all past space meetings' meeting numbers through API but work is still ongoing and we don't have an exact ETA at the moment.

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