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Reboot or Apply Changes to MPP devices

Hi ,


Is there way reboot or apply changes on a MPP device which is registered to Webex Calling ? Webex API documentation i cloudnt find the correct endpoint. It seemd i can do with xAPI but since it is a MPP device i can not get device ID with devices endpoint. Can you please help me ?



VIP Advisor

Again, xAPI commands are for RoomOS devices, not for MPPs.


There is currently no API for rebooting a MPP device, also not for making it re-applying the changes.
The MPPs query the configuration server at least once a day to get an update, so maybe patience is the solution despite manually rebooting the device.

There should be an another way. We have lots of customers with MPP devices. If they want to move to Webex calling from CUCM we cant say to them you can not get basic services like update display name on phone or update call settings. They wont throw all MPP devices and get new RoomOS phones. May be there is an another option from webexAPI ?

Nothing available for this currently through API, you would need to create a feature request for it: . Our product managers can then assess and provide feedback.

Can only speak from API point as that's what our team works with, not sure if there are other more manual ways to do this. You can post into the general webex forums we have in this community possibly, see if there are other options.

RoomOS devices are Webex Boards, Webex Desk etc, pretty sure noone will use them as plain phone device.


I'm not into CUCM, but do you use the devices with enterprise or MPP firmware?


The MPP phones when being registered to WxC are pretty much locked down as all configuration should be done via CH. You may check what the CH does if you click the reboot/re-apply button and check if it is working as well with an integration's token..

We have 88XX series and they have MPP firmware and Webex cloud registered.


Sorry but what is CH exactly ?

CH is Control Hub

Sorry but how can i  check what the CH does if you click the reboot ? It reboots the phone. I tried to capture packets comes to phone with wireshark but nothing happened ? Do you have an idea how can i see what CH does ?

I'd check which HTTP requests are sent from your browser towards CH if you click the reboot button. That request might be also sent from your application.


I just tried and noticed a request to with the device id in its json body. I've re-sent the request using my developer token and received an answer indicating that the device is restarting -- as I'm at home, I cannot check. Be aware, that this is not officially supported!

Hi Dtibbe,


Thank you ! Can you please share the json body ? Also how you got the device ID ? Because there is nothing returns from device endpoint as you know.



Cisco Employee

At the moment, there is no API for Webex Calling devices (i.e. MPP phones). Those APIs are under development are *should* be released very soon. I have not seen the APIs and don't know if Reboot is included, but I assume it should be. The Device Management service is also being enhanced to support an auto-reboot on configuration change.

In regard to what the Reboot command does when issued, it only triggers a reboot if there has been a configuration change. If there is an active TCP/HTTPS session with the phone, it will push that. If not, it will mark it as "reboot needed" and the next time the phone sends a REGISTER, it will instruct it to do that. You cannot just reboot a phone arbitrarily, although that is being investigated as well.

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