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SSO configuration


Hi, Team


after setting SSO step by step in article (


First, I have a full admin account (assume in Control Hub

when I set SSO configure in Control Hub, then I can't login into Control Hub by

cause login redirect to identity provider, and identity provider doesn't has account

I have tried create account into identity provider, let me login

but after login success, redirect to webex, I get the error "do not have a Webex account privilege"


if SSO settings effect Control Hub login rule

how can i manage Control Hub after SSO configuration ?


I'm also read article (

But I can't find "Auto Account Creation" button/option in Control Hub


Is there a full detail practice for SSO configuration ?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi @OHua,

Could check with our TAC team on this since this is related to Control Hub setup.
You can reach out to them over here

From the provided description, quick thought from my side - did you created this User as a Sandbox account?
If not, I'm afraid how can you login to Control Hub with it.

I can suggest to create a Developer Sandbox Account first from here -

If you're looking forward to create a Webex Developer sandbox account from Webex portal, make sure you use the email id which is still no way associated with any Webex or, Control Hub account.

Like your mail address can be - which I don't think associated with Webex so far.
Let us know for any further details.

Thank you!

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