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Webex teams send messages

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Hello team,

I am trying to make a report from all my devices to know if EoL is close.

I have a Prime Infrastructure which lets me to export a report but I am not happy with it.

It is not so updated as webex teams bot.

I have found a webex team bot (@CiscoEoL) which has an updated info asking for a part number.

I have made an script which using prime api gets a report inventory and parse all part numbers.

I want to send a message to the bot to get that updated info, parse it and add to my excel file.

I have been reading and watching some tutorials and I have been able to send a message and get the info, but I am trying to schedule this report to be sent unattended every three months (using jenkins).

How could I get the token to be able to send messages to the bot without login in my account, get that token manually and hard code it in the script?

Is there any way to send a message without a personal token?

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Thanks Paul,

That's what I did and I got an answer.

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Paul Zimmerman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You will have a better chance of getting a reply if you send your question to one of the support options on the Webex Developer support page:

Thanks Paul,

That's what I did and I got an answer.