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Webhook alerts for replicating built-in Control Hub Alerts for Devices

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Query from @Sean Scott over #webex4devs space:

Does anyone know if it's possible to set up Webhook alerts to replicate the built-in Control Hub Alerts for device issues? I'd like to be able to have those alerts sent to Slack.
It looks like they can be configured for any custom alerts you set up, but it doesn't look like you can replicate the device-specific alerts since you can't create custom alerts to replicate that built-in functionality.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @Sean Scott,
There is already a Help documentation to find out the solution on this which I'm sharing here.
When you mention Control Hub Alert center, I believe you mean this and in that case, definitely you can use this above shared mechanism/procedure to create the Webhook for the Control Hub Alerts.
Now there are possibly two concerns which I can find - 
1.  I'm not entirely sure if you can use a filter here to specifically filter out the Device related Notifications. You can try to use the "type" field as "Devices" and see if the outcome helps. Because mostly I can find Alerts are for Meetings and Calls, not for Devices. But you might ignore the "type" field and collect all the Notifications may be, and when finally sending to a space or, Slack - then you can filter out only the notifications based on Devices, that can be designed and should work.

2. How to send the notifications to Slack space/room, that you need to figure out from your side or, which Slack API should be useful there, for that you need to follow up with Slack API support team. We'd not be able to assist on that side though.

Any further queries, please let us know.

Kind regards,

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