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Is Webex Meetings the same as Webex Meeting Center.



I know that my question sounds odd, but is Webex Meetings the same as Webex Meetings Center (formerly CMR)?
I am asking because the only data sheet with technical information that I was able to find for Webex Meetings is this, and it is for Webex Meetings Center:

I know for sure that these features, protocols, parameters etc. are something describing Webex Meetings, but still this is a data sheets 3-years old with tittle Webex Meetings Center and I can't seem to find any similar.

Thank you in advance!


Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

In last two year t many major changes and enhanced happened with Webex. Still new features are getting added every month. 

Refer below link to learn about the webex. The data sheet which you mentioned won't be useful.



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Hi Nithin,
Thank you for the reply!

I know that Webex Meetings supports all these features and many more. But I don't find a data sheet structured like the one I referred to. Is there such one?

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