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Jabber - Webex - Calendar Invites


How do you create calendar entries for Webex meetings so that Jabber recognizes it as a Webex invite?


I have two webex meetings next Monday. I went into my calendar and created entries for both and put the webex link in the location field but, although the appointment shows on the calendar tab in Jabber, there is no way to join. I have also tried putting Webex in the location and the link in the notes field.


I see lots of screenshots in the forums and other Cisco docs where the calendar entries have a big, green "Join" button but I can't get my calendar entries to show that.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
You would need CUCM to be setup to integrate Jabber into your Webex site. If you open your settings, there should be a tab called Meetings. You need to go there and make sure you are signed into your webex account. If the option is not available, it is not configured on your CUCM user profile.

Thanks for the reply Mike.


I already have Webex integrated with Jabber as well as my calendar. When I go to the Meeting tab I do have "Start a Meeting" and "Join a Meeting" available. What I am referring to, and I probably didn't make clear, is that, in Jabber, there is no difference between regular calendar events and webex calendar events.


When I was setting up the Webex integration I remember reading that if the calendar event was formatted correctly then Jabber would recognize that it was for a Webex and add a "Join" button to make it easy to, well, join.Jabber Calendar Entry.pngMy Jabber Calendar Entry.png


First is a calendar event from a Cisco doc on Jabber/Webex integration and Second is one of my calendar events.

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