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Mute volume of meetings when two meetings are in place


I normally have to attend two meetings at the same time. I have a trouble manually increasing or decreasing each meeting when I want to hear more from one meeting than another. I believe if we have a feature where when there are two meeting windows active, volume from the meeting window that is not in focus should be reduced automatically so that I can concentrate on meeting that is in focus. In a nutshell, volume level should be adjusted for the meeting windows in focus when there are two or more meetings in progress. I think such feature would help us do more multi-tasking during this emergency time of lockdown.


Cisco Employee

You are welcome to submit this as a product idea -

However, I dont feel this would be the best case. I have on occasion multiple webex active as well, but I dont think this would be a good idea. While Webex looks at your CPU / memory, the app would not be able to know you have a second instance open - that would be a security concern if it could detect running apps. So in practice, the only way I can see this tie in is to the same concept of how it monitors attention in events. When the window is not in focus, you lose attention time. So in theory this could be done with audio, but take the normal instance where most users have a single meeting open. I am sure if they click away, they dont want the audio to be reduced.

If you are doing this often, you can always consider having a second audio source and having each meting use a different headset / speaker.

Thanks Mike.

Added the idea. I was thinking in terms of single-window interface where multiple meetings open as tabs, like chrome browser where video/audio playing in one tab pauses once the user navigates away from that tab. In this way, Webex can track which tab is in focus. This can be explored in terms of giving user preference to keep audio playing for a particular meeting tab. It can be explored further. Thanks for the help, anyway.

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