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Webex Feature Request

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Webex Meetings > Set Up > Preferences > Audio


Our employees have access to hundreds of rooms to conduct Webex meetings.

Currently, a Webex limitation is that it only allows up to 4 phone numbers to associate with user accounts.

The ability to increase this limitation would be productivity upgrade.

(please see attached screen shot)

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Any feature requests for the Webex Platform can be submitted via

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Level 1

My feature request:

The ability to select multiple voicemails and delete them all. Some users voicemail boxes get incredibly full and have to do a 3 or 4 step process to delete one voicemail can be tedious. The ability to shift click or control click multiple voicemails and then have a delete function (or enable the "delete" key on a keyboard) would be amazing.

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My feature recommendation for WebEx would be like this,

While in a meeting, there is often a need for the moderator or even the participant to request the presenter to speed up, slow down to suit the audience. It could also be to pass on a specific instruction to the presenter in order to make the presentation content more appealing. These belong to the dynamic live f/b category to enrich meetings and to make it more effective in today's meetings overload world. 

The above can be made possible today by using the private chat channel within WebEx. The drawback with this is the presenter has to pay attention to the chat room. There is scope to enhance this. I would suggest a major flash to appear right in front of presenter screen like a  "FLASH NOTES"  or a "TICKER" which would make such messages more easier to consume for the presenter

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Level 1

It would be great if a notes panel in breakout rooms is offered that can then be shared with larger groups outside the breakout rooms. 

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Level 1

It would be nice to have Recurring events available.  At our location we have daily events and use the same time/panelist list but on a daily basis.  As it is each event needs to be created one by one, very tedious.  

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi there!  To share a feature request with the Product team, you can submit an idea directly through the Community by using the "Share a product idea" option on the top right of the Webex User Community page.  It will take you to this link to submit your idea.  Other users can then see and vote for your idea!


Thanks for taking the time to let us know how to improve your experience!

Check out our learning offerings at!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Intention

To help enhance the Webex customer user-experience by translating voice to text during a presenter’s presentation, and display on the webex screen session for users to view the running dialogue.


The feature would be implemented as an add-on module on webex application ( as a subscriber investment ) to create a scrolling auto-populated subtitle.


The Problem

I ( and others ) find it challenging to occasionally hear presenters due to varying reasons.


  • Language accents
  • Language translator ( to text )
  • Poor volume variances
    • Outside noise ( listener )
  • Preference to read / listen simultaneously
  • Preference to read only


Following a trend of Youtube videos, many Youtube subscribers are now opting to deliver videography through the use of scrolling subtitles, for the reason above-mentioned.

Kelli Glass
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for your post. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about the Customer Connection program exclusively for Cisco customers and partners. The program is an online user group that enables users to share information and knowledge with each other and Cisco product management through discussions, road map briefings and Beta Trials. Another feature of the program is Collaboration Product Enhancement Ideas, which allows users to share ideas and feature requests and to vote them up for review by the product team. 


Go here to learn more about the program and to join.

Here are a couple of Webex meeting ideas that might be useful in future updates or releases.


- Add the option to have multiple presenters at the same time. 

- Add the option to sort participants by role, to quickly manage presenters or other participants.

- Have a option to lock the panels for the host during a meeting.

- Have the option have more panels open during a meeting. (for example, have the presentation/shared window, chat panel and poll panel open next to each other)    

- Make the host a "super-user" (as in let the host be host and presenter at the same time during a presentation).

- Make the Registration fields Customizable.

I have been asking for these features for over five years. You might want to add that as you switch back and forth between sharing and not sharing it has an option to put all the panels that were open back to the last place you had them the last time that view was open. And on the same monitor! I'm really tired of it shifting back to my main monitor every time the presenter shares something. Stay where you were!


Every presenter I personally know (and that's HUNDREDS) has wanted this BASIC functionality for years. Nobody listens. Good luck!