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Creating an adoption plan


Become a Webex adoption master

Section one: Creating an adoption plan


Business drivers for Webex

The first step in your Webex adoption journey is to have a very clear understanding of why you’re deploying in the first place. The Business drivers for Webex pack will give you guidance on establishing SMART business drivers for your organization.


Pillars of success
Leadership play card

Creating clear, actionable goals to achieve success is only the beginning of your Cisco journey. The 5 Pillars of Success will guide you through everything from launch and implementation plans to ongoing management, communications and stakeholder engagement. They’ll also equip you with the right structure and considerations to manage your own implementation or adoption drive.


Preparing your IT support teams

Preparing your IT support teams should form part of your overall adoption project and take place before Webex is launched to your business.


Technical Readiness: Cisco Webex Control Hub Essentials Checklist
Use this checklist to aid you in your technical readiness.


Measurement and targets

So, you’ve defined your business drivers and planned for high adoption using the pillars of success. But how will you know how well things are going once you’ve put the plan into action? Before you roll out the services, you must also set some targets and measures for success. This pack will guide you through the three ways to measure success.

Smarter travel policy

Travel policies allow businesses to manage the cost of sending employees away on work. Policies that exploit modern video collaboration can drive dramatic cost savings. This pack provides guidance and a template for creating a travel policy that’s fit for a video enabled world.


Webex adoption survey

Edit our sample surveys to measure adoption efforts in your organization. Simply put the questions into your favorite survey engine.


Building your Webex adoption dream team (Project governance)

Adoption projects are not just planned and set in motion, they require continual monitoring to keep them on track and focused on successful business outcomes. Within this pack you will find guidance on how to build a cross-functional project team that can tackle the 5 Pillars of Success.


Timelines and milestones: Adoption planning

A detailed plan is key to any adoption effort. It will include all the decisions, steps and tasks that will be necessary for a successful launch. The plan will help to ensure that your team knows what they must do and when.



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