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Cole Callahan
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

miot.pngUse Case Description/Overview
Invite your business contacts to join a universal channel. You stay in Webex. They stay in Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Respond to customers, partners, & vendors in real-time: Work normally from Webex spaces.

Chat from one place, not all over the place: Reduce the number of guest accounts you switch between.

Finish projects faster: Send files, reply to threads, & react to messages. You might even forget your external contacts don’t use Webex.

Get work done with multiple companies in one space: Chat with unlimited companies in a single universal channel across Webex, Slack, Microsoft Teams.

Vertical/Industry Alignment 
Mio is useful across all verticals.

Webex Environment Alignment
Webex app (messaging)

How to Purchase 
Cisco Global Price List/Solutions+


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