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Easy way to replay 802.11 frames

Cisco Employee
This is a quick way to replay 802.11 frames using Commview for Wifi (am using the demo version).
When you first launch the tool, there will be a pop up shown as follows which will show the list of compatible wireless nic cards and prompt you to install the drivers needed to put the wireless card into promiscuous mode.
below you can see two adapters listed. I have tried and tested the EnGenius EUB1200AC usb adapter.
Below shows the steps to capture and or replay the frames
I am just covering the steps to capture and replay packets.
  1. first you choose the channel which you want to sniff from the right pane
  2. You just need to hit play to start capturing the frames on the designated channel. If using the demo version, a pop up with show up indicating the same and you will have to wait 15 seconds before you can hit start.
  3. the packets tab shows you the captured packets
  4. the icon (atom like shape) is the tab for the packet generator. you can right click on one of the captured packet and hit send selected or once you open the send packet window you can just drop a frame or multiple frames which can be replayed.


In the Send Packet window you can use the hex editor to edit the various fields.
You can also select the 802.11 rate at which you want to send the frame, if you want to send select number of frames or continuous.
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