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Cisco Wireless Mobile App


As of August 2020, the Cisco Wireless Mobile App is no longer supported and no longer available.

If using the Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst Access Points (EWC-AP), you can use the Cisco Catalyst Wireless Mobile Application to provision and manage your network.  Thank you for using the Cisco Wireless Mobile App.


Hello Aaron,


Does this mobile application work at all with 8.0 MR2 (8.0.120)?


Thanks in advance


Cisco Employee

No, it requires 8.1.


Ok Thanks for the quick response Aaron as always!

Cisco Employee

Links for the Google & Apple store for downloading the Cisco Wireless Mobile App:


Cisco Employee

For those who could not access google service, do we provide CCO download link?


Hi, does this app work with IOS based controllers such as the WLC 5760 ? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

No. This app only works with AireOS controllers today. 

Future consideration to add suport for IOS based controllers.

Cisco Employee

We have posted an update to this app. We have added some tools on the monitoring side as well as added the Provisioning wizard support on the Mobility Express product.


The updated app was tested against the following hw/sw combination:

Smart Phone
    •    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Kitkat 4.4 & Lollypop version)
    •    Nexus 5 (android 5.1.1, android 6)
    •    Motorola Moto E (android 5.0.2)
    •    Motorola Moto G 2nd gen (Android 5.0.2)
    •    Samsung Tab4 - 10" (Kitkat 4.4 & Lollypop version)
    •    Samsung Tablet 7"
    •    Nexus 7 (android 5.1.1)
    •    Samsung Galaxy Note  8.0 (GT-N5110) (android 4.1.2)
Smart Phone
    •    iPhone5 (OS version 9)
    •    iPhone 6 Plus (OS version 8)
    •    iPhone 6 (iOS 9.0.2)
    •    iPhone 5c
    •    iPad Air 64bit (OS version 8)
    •    iPad Mini (OS version 8)


As always, please let us know any feedback or issues you run into. Enjoy !

Cisco Employee

Hi.  Does the wireless mobile app work with the virtual controller?  I just upgraded to 8.1.131 in order to give the app a try.  I specify the IP address and the login credentials and tell the app to "Add" the controller.  It alerts me to a certificate issue, but I select the option to continue anyway.  Then I get an alert saying "Error in connection. Please try again later."  Of course, later it doesn't work either.  :-)

So I'm stuck. Any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Cisco Employee

Hi, I m so sorry to hear about your experience with the App. To help us debug the issue further, would you mind sharing the exact model of you phone / app version / WLC model. This information will help us get to the bottom of the issue. 

If you are using Android, please make sure the android version is above 4.4 and above. We have had compatibility issues in the past because of this. 

Thanks for your patience and look forward to hearing from you.

Cisco Employee

Well, the WLC is virtual, so it's a VM running on ESXi 5.5.  The phone is an iPhone 6+, and it's running iOS 9.1.  The Cisco Wireless app is version 1.0.145.

What do you think?

Cisco Employee


Cisco Employee

Kevin - This was tested and should work. We are trying to repro the issue to see whats happening. I am looping you in on the discussion

Cisco Employee

I found the problem.  I had turned off "Mgmt via wireless" under the "Management" section of the controller.  Once I toggled that on, the iPhone app started working.  Thanks!!!

Cisco Employee

What considerations do we need to be aware of when managing a Mobility Express system, as it uses self-signed certificates? Will we get an error, or an accept-certificate message before proceeding?



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