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Community Manager
Community Manager

I want to introduce you to an exciting experiment we’re running in partnership with Cisco TAC engineering.  The goal of this experiment is to help train the ‘Cisco Virtual Engineer’ generative AI bot and see if it can add value by answering questions alongside community members.  If it goes well, we may look at other ways to incorporate AI as a tool for Community members. 

Where will the bot be present? 

Currently it will be replying in five forums on topics that it has proven to be most accurate: Network Security, Switching, VPN, Unified Computing Systems, Wireless The bot will only reply after a question has gone unanswered for two business days.  

How can I identify the bot and its replies? 

The account is named ‘Cisco Virtual Engineer’, and it will be disclosed as an AI-powered bot in the signature of each of its replies.  

What if I come across a response from the bot that feels incomplete or inaccurate? 

Please reply on the thread and say so! This will help us keep track of content to escalate back to the engineering team and help the bot learn.  If a response is incomplete, the bot may try to complete the answer.  If a response is inaccurate, it will be removed from the thread.  

How can I share my thoughts about the experiment?  

We’d love to hear from you! We’ve put together this thread to get your thoughts on the project and the future of AI in Cisco Community.  

What does this mean for the future of peer-to-peer support on Cisco Community?  

This is a learn-as-we-go experiment. It does not change our approach to Cisco Community: this is your community, powered by you and your peers.

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