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Level 10
Level 10

Core Issue

Periodic connectivity loss requires the bridges to be powered down and back up in order to regain connectivity.


To resolve the issue, perform this procedure:

  1. Verify that the Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) settings are correct. 


    The CCA mechanism reports that the channel is busy, based on the default value of the client adapter firmware.


    For more information, refer to the Setting RF Network Parameters section of the Configuring the Client Adapter chapter of the Cisco Aironet 340, 350, and CB20A Wireless LAN Client Adapters Installation and Configuration Guide for Windows, OL-1394-07.

  2. Verify that the root and non-root settings are correct. 


    For more information, refer to the Configuring the Role in Radio Network section of Configuring Radio Settings.

  3. Set the distance in kilometers on the root bridge. On the Web page, go to Network Interfaces > Radio 0 > Settings > Distance in Kilometers

  4. Verify that the power settings are set as per the distances between root and non-root. On the bridges under GUI, go to Network Interfaces > Radio0-802.11B > Settings > Transmitter Power & Limit Client Power


For more information, refer to the Configuring Radio Transmit Power section of Configuring Radio Settings.

Problem Type

Device cannot associate

Poor connectivity / Performance



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