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Error Message - User receives the "Packet to client 000b.cd5a.35d4 reached max retries, removing the client"



This error message indicates that the Access Point (AP) attempts to poll the client a certain number of times, but does not receive a response. Therefore, the client is removed from the association table. This issue is commonly seen when the client and AP are attempting to communicate in a noisy Radio Frequency (RF) environment.


To resolve this issue, see if a snapshot reveals noise in the radio spectrum by trying to run a carrier busy test on the AP. Attempt to alleviate any unwanted noise.


Performing a Carrier Busy Test

You can perform a carrier busy test to check the radio activity on access point channels. During the carrier busy test, the access point drops all associations with wireless networking devices for around 4 seconds while it conducts the carrier test and then displays the test results.


In privileged EXEC mode, enter this command to perform a carrier busy test:


dot11 interface-number carrier busy


For interface-number, enter dot11radio 0 to run the test on the 2.4-GHz radio, or enter dot11radio 1 to run the test on the 5-GHz radio.


Use the show dot11 carrier busy command to re-display the carrier busy test results.

If there are several APs in the same area, they could be overlapping the channel signal or with any other wireless device in the surrounding area. Change the channels under Network Interfaces, Select Radio-802.11. There are three non-overlapping channels: 1, 6, and 11.

Note: If using non-Cisco clients, disable aironet extensions on the AP radio.


Problem Type

Error message



Access point



Performing a Carrier Busy Test

Troubleshooting Problems Affecting Radio Frequency Communication

Radio Frequency and Site Survey

Site Survey RF Recommendations



try to use something like this:

conf t

inter dot 0

packet retries 32 drop-packet

rts retries 32

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