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WLC/WCS question...

I have inherited some minor admin tasks for one WCS and 4 WLC. The issue is that when onsite techs run reports it shows an AP down say in room 101. The real issue I think is that in room 101 the MAC address listed for that room in the WLC is not that same as the one listed in the WCS, how do these get updated?

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Re: WLC/WCS question...

Ok. When you say the mac addy is different do you mean the addy of the hardwire ethernet adapter or the radios? They will show as different based on the base address and then the radio base addresses. If non of those match then you have assigned the wrong AP to the maps section of the WCS. Verify the serial number as a quick way to make sure the right AP is in the right physical location. You can get it in the WCS and then compare it to the label on the actual AP in the room.

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Re: WLC/WCS question...

Again I say that the mac address on the maps in WCS is assigned to the map by the user. If it is incorrect you need to verify the mac that is actually installed in that location and assign the correct AP to the map. Refreshing the config from the controller will not change an error in map assignment.

Re: WLC/WCS question...

perform refresh config of all controllers... Configure>Controllers>(Select All Controller)>From drop down menu (near GO button) choose refresh config from controller>Choose retain o detele>Submit.

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