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Network topology for extending wireless range with WAP321

Martin de Vaal

Hi all,

I have an WAP321 accespoint connected to my router/firewall. There are 2 SSID active each assigned to a different VLAN. Now I want to extend the range of my wireless network and looking into options.

Adding another WAP321 is the first thing on my mind. When I read the documentation the cluster option looks perfect for me.

The only thing I don't find in the documentation is if the second WAP321 should be hard wired with the LAN for the data connection. I don't have the possibility to get a network cable to the second WAP321 location. So I am looking for a repeater with respect to multiple SSID's.

Does clustering solve my problem?



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Hi Martin, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community. You could set a clustering between your WAP321 and the other access point. Bellow I will share the admin guide, in page 164 "Adding a New Access Point to a Single Point Setup Cluster" section, you will find the information necessary to configure your group.

The clustering simplifies wireless deployments by creating a single point of administration for multiple APs, this technology replicates a configuration, pushes it out to other APs, and continuously manages the frequency channels for each device reducing network interface,

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

Clayton Sill

Hello Martin,

     I always heard that you could do this with the AP541n in cluster mode were you didn't have to have a ethernet cable plugged into the network when in cluster mode but I never fully test this. As for the WAP321 the clutering/single point is pretty much the same thing it should work but again never fully test this configuration either. I'm thinking it should work though. Maybe someone from Cisco that has test this out coudl reply back. If not then you may want to call up Cisco Small Business and have a ticket open to ask if this is possiable.

Know it wasn't a lot of information but don't want to tell you it does when I haven't fully test it out myself. Hope this helps you out some though.


Clayton Sill


Hi Martin,

   Thank you for using the Cisco Support Forums, I have found some additional information regarding clustering.
I am also setting up a lab in attempts to determine if clustering is the best option for you.


Madison Carpenter


Hello again Martin,

     I set up the lab and found that both WAPs do need  to be connected to the LAN network via a hard cable. I asked some of my  colleagues and it sounds like what you need is a wifi booster. This  will increase the strength of the signal without having to use an  ethernet cable, all you need is a power outlet. I hope this can solve  your problem.


Madison Carpenter

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center. Thank you for using the Cisco Community Post Forums.

The option that you need to use is WDS Bridge. To use this you need to have two WAP321's as bridging to like WAPs is only supported. (121 to 121, 321 to 321)

Is only for ease of management and not for extending.

This is easy to setup and there is good detail in the admin guide and in help in the GUI.

Here is an abbreviated version:

To configure a WDS bridge:

  1. Click Wireless > WDS Bridge in the navigation window.
  2. Select Enable for Spanning Tree Mode
  3. When enabled, STP helps prevent  switching loops. STP is recommended if you configure WDS links.
  4. Select Enable for WDS Interface
  5. Configure the remaining parameters:
  6. Repeat these steps for up to three additional WDS interfaces.
  7. Click Save. The changes are saved to the Running Configuration and to the Startup  Configuration.


Eric Moyers    .:|:.:|:.

Cisco Small Business US STAC Advanced Support Engineer

CCNA, CCNA-Wireless


Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 (UTC - 05:00)

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