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WAP581 with Wireless Offline Problem


I bought 2 Cisco WAP581 wireless APs.  I am having a problem with the wireless going offline after a day or two.


My Windows 10 laptop comes up and says there is no internet access after 24 hours. From the wireless laptop I cannot ping the WAP581 from the wireless side. I also have an iPad which states no internet.  The WAP581 has a DHCP IP address.  I can ping the WAP581 from a wired PC in the same network.  There are 2 SSIDs on WAP581.  If I try to connect to the other SSID my laptop will not connect stating there is no internet. I do have internet on the wired PC. If I reboot the WAP581 AP it all starts working again.  What is going on?  

I am in the USA with version WAP581-A-K9 V01. I am running firmware


I replaced Cisco WAP371 APs with these WAP581 units and never had this problem.  The WAP581 are connected to a SG300-28 switch in L3 mode on a trunk port with 2 VLANs defined to the WAP581 AP. The 2 WAP581 AP are setup in single point mode using DHCP off the SG300-28 switch. I am using a SG300-10MPP switch to power the WAP581 APs connected to the SG300-28 using a trunk port.



I did not state I am running both bands with band steering on.  If you need me to start a support case send me contact info.  If you want me try something I will be happy to as this is my home network with complete access all the time. Let's get this problem fixed.

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Odd, I've been dealing with this same issue across over a dozen of these access points. I recently upgraded them all to the latest firmware, but do not have the option you've shown. I can schedule a reboot, but can't repeat the schedule. Also, the latest firmware did not resolve the issue.


scheduled reboot.JPG

I've begun replacing the 581's with the 240AC's which seem to be much more reliable, though convincing my customers to replace 18 month old hardware is challenging.

@Redubbed wrote:

[ . . . ] I've begun replacing the 581's with the 240AC's which seem to be much more reliable, though convincing my customers to replace 18 month old hardware is challenging.

Yes: not sure what happened nowdays with Cisco and the WAP581. In othe sections of our lab we installed few Cisco Aironet 3700 Series Access Points in autonomous mode. They have been working 24/7 flawlessly for many years at the point that we don't feel the need to replace them with anything newer.


You have to select schedule reboot from the left menu (not the "schedule reboot" from within the "reboot" page):


Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 13.46.08.png

However, 2 days ago I found the 2.4 GHz radio of the AP again in a non-operational state. Probably it freezes more often than the 24-hour period of the scheduled reboot.

Thanks, found it. 

I had some recent success disabling Spanning Tree Protocol on my switches (SG-350 series in most cases). All APs were up for two weeks solid, then back to random APs inaccessible. I've been trying random combinations of disabling services to no avail.


Have the same issue as everyone else here. The bug currently shows a status of "Terminated." Does this mean this is not going to be fixed?

Hi All,

After trying to solve this problem for over 2 years, together with Cisco support, Cisco has informed me that they will not be fixing this problem. I am entitled to a refund and will be making use of that. A possible replacement type is the CBW240 from Cisco.

For those who decide to continue using the WAP581, a would suggest simply switching off the 5GHz radio. With the 5GHz switched off, my unit has worked continuously for many months without problems.

This will be my last post on this subject, concluding a series of many. It has been a long journey. Thanks for all your suggestions and support along the way!


What is the process to apply for a refund.

I was offered a refund following the outcome of my support case with Cisco. I have no idea how else to get a refund.

Were you able to open a support case without a support contract? All the avenues to Cisco support I've found (googling around) make it seem like a support contract is required. Any insight would be hugely appreciated!

Hi there, I couldn't get any support without signing a contract (expending more money). I have a bunch of WAP581 without any solution yet from Cisco. Still waiting.

Has anyone tested the CBW240? Does it show the same erratic/freezing behavior? 

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