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1130 AP not registering

I know what the problemis i need to tell the AP what the mac of the switchport is but i can not figure it out because it is a CATos Switch

on a IOS  I would just use the Show interface command and use the bia but i dont know how to figure out the bia on a CATos

can any body help?


Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for your specific question.  All CatOS to IOS command translation charts list "show port" = "show interface" but as far as I can tell  "show port" is just a brief summary of up/down/disable....

I'm actually interested to know what you are doing that requires you to tell the AP the mac of the switchport and by what way are you going to provide it? The only "provide me a mac in order to work" scenario I can think of is perhaps some kind of power injector scenario...   So I'm really curious to know why a mac address of the switchport is going to get your Ap to register...?


Ok, it goes like this i have 1130 and 1140 APs in my network if they are connected to a 3750 PoE Switch they are fine but if i connect them to a 3524 XL or an 3548 PoE Switceh the ap will power, get an IP and register with the WiSM and the WCS. however it will remain in red ring aka tthe radios will not turn on. it thinks it does not have enough power. but when i go to the WiSM or the WCS and tell it power injector state and give it the MAC of the Switchport that is it connected to the Radios trun on and every thing is ok.  i only was trying to use the same fix for 2 APs that are on my 4506.


Ok, so you are doing it for the power injector state (which is the only thing I could think of).  But you aren't actually using a power injector right?

Have you tried checking the pre-standard power option instead of injector?

AFAIK, the older switches are prestandard power and checking that box instead should work...

Alternatively, if you do the power injector state with Override, doesn't it bypass the need for the mac address?