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WLC version support on 6509 WiSM

Anyone know what WLC version is supported on a WiSM running in a 6509?Currently we are running and i have noticed on the Cisco website that its up to verison 6.x.x.How can i find out what version our 6509 will support?

1142N-A Series Security Policy

We recently purchased a dozen 1142's which I added to our 4404 controller running version can't connect with the 802.11n protocol to any WLAN configured with WPA2 Enterprise, WEP, or WPA Enterprise with a pre-shared key.I successfully con...

kfox by Beginner
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Info to open case with cisco TAC

Hi all,          I have ACS 4.2, I can't get it to authenticate my wireless clients. I am still getting EAP-TLS/EAP fail during HANDSHAKE. I triple checked my cert at both end and everything under advance setting tab is all good. I can use the same s...

Configure AP541 as a repeater

I currently have a Cisco 801 configured as a root access point.  I would like to configure my 541 as a wireless repeater, but I can't seem to find any documentation on how to do it.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Cisco Aironet 1200 Series - Security

We have a Cisco Aironet 1200 series, I enabled WEP Key and it worx fine.  However I wat only 8 devices (MAC Addresses) to be able to connect to this device. ie WEP key is readable via Windows 7 etc thus users are fiddling on the WLAN. I want to lock ...

WLAN Authentication

Our wireless network consists of Wireless LAN Controllers and multiple APs.  We require 802.1x authentication on our SSID.  We use IAS as our authentication server for both machines and users.  Each device connecting to our WLAN is required to have a...

ancarr by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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AP1242 Not joining 4404 controller

Hi allCan anyone please help, my 1242 access points will not join my controller, I have done a debug and can see the Access point sending a discovery request, then the controller says discovery request sent, but then nothing happens, any ideas what t...

PEAP certificate expiring on clients and ACS

The certificate that is installed on the wireless clients and the ACS will be expiring.  The cert on both was installed from a Microsoft certificate server, which needs to be replaced/upgraded.  What do you think of this plan to renew the certs?1) Cr...

agrigals by Beginner
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Web Auth Bundle

I have a guest access network supported by WLC and managed by WCS and use the default web login paged.I would like to upload a customized page using the web auth bundle option. I do not want to use an external server. I can generate an acceptable HTM...

ajanib by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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Problems with Ascom after LWAP

We have an area where we have folks using Ascom phones which the reports we are getting are that the phones worked much better before they were lightweighted.  We have the controller setup per Ascom's recommendation and have worked extensively with A...

mwkirk by Beginner
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Linksys PCI cards and WLC problems

Hi,I have Linksys WMP200 and WMP54G Wi-Fi PCI cards  installed on PC.My infrastructure is WLC 2106 and two APs 1231G and one 1242G.The problem is that the cards have problem with connection to WLAN.The broadcast SSID must be enable then the cards con...

wkamil123 by Beginner
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