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Saeed Halaby

1300 AP/BR with 5508 Controller


i have been trying to find a single place in Cisco where it states which Access Points can be controlled via the 5508 and the only place i found was a link:

which was given in the 5500 main page. this states that all Aironet series are able to be used with the 5500 but in the link it shows only the 3600, 3500, 1140, 1260, 1040 and 600.

what about the 1300? it also comes in LWAP version, so which controller is supported for that?

any way of finding this out officially form cisco website?


Justin Kurynny


1310s are supported through 7.0 controller code. 7.2 no longer supports them. If memory serves, they can only be used as access APs when running lightweight code (no bridging).

The release notes for 7.2 controller code have a matrix which shows you which APs are supported on which versions of code.


Hi justin,

Thank you for the below.

this is what i imagined, having them work as simple AP and not bridges should work on any controller, theoretically and logically, but my problem is the client was asking for proof before purchase.

my reqeust for 1300 is becuase we need an outdoor AP for his needs, and i dont want to position the 1500 series, as they are rather expensive for simple AP work.

what do you suggest here?



Good day.

Is it feasible for you to use 1300 AP with an external antenna?

you may use high gain antenna that meets your needs.

This way you are still using good coverage outdoor while not using 1500 APs. This is also useful if you want to use an omni-directoinal antenna, not a semi-directional antenna like the one integrated with 1300 AP.

This doc could be helpful for you to find supported antennas:

Good luck.


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In addition to Amjad’s comments, an alternative setup that has been popular with several of my customers has been to use a 1262 or 3502e (and now the 3602e is available). The AP lives inside a weather-rated enclosure and you can put an external MIMO antenna outside of the box. I typically recommend keeping the enclosures out of significantly harsh or exposed places (such as at the top of a mast or in direct summer sun all day), but if you have a place that is shaded, lower to the ground, or under an eave, this setup works really well, plus you can take advantage of 802.11n whereas with the 1310 this is not available to you.

PM me if you would like enclosure or antenna suggestions.


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