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1552 coverage areas and client distances?

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Can anybody point me to where I can find more info about client distances and data rates from a 1552 mounted outdoors?

Clients would be phones and would require just basic internet access

Ideal conditions... AP installed on light pole 25 feet up, looking to get coverage both directions down the street.. about 1000 feet in each direction, using a 4 dBi Omni-directional antenna on the 2.4GHz band.  Very few trees, all are 1/2 the height of the light pole.

Wondering how far down the road from the AP the clients would be able to connect and what typical signal strengths and/or data rates they would get at the different distances.

Thanks in advance,

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Freerk Terpstra
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You always need to take the weakest client in account when doing this kind of calculations. This is because wireless is two way communications; the clients always needs to be able to talk back to the access-point.

If you really want to know, you are going to need to do a survey on-site. If you are in the planning / pre-sales stage you can use this calculator to do an educated guess.

Thanks for the link to the calculator... that will come in handy in the future.

Regarding the two way communication... that was my concern.  I've used the 1300's to cover large parking lots and they worked well with laptops, but I'm really concerned about phones being able to transmit to the AP / Bridge.  They obviously don't transmit equally, so...?

No estimates that you know of though?  I don't have the gear to physically test it, or I'd just go do that and feel a whole lot better about it.


In the past I have been able to reach 70 Meter between the Cisco 7925G phone and a 4dBi omni antenna on the 5Ghz outdoor. That was with just enough signal (-67dBm and 25SNR) . The 7925G is not a very powerful client (16dBm / 40mW) and 2.4Ghz travels about 3~4 times further.

The idea after doing a site survey is taking out the guess work when deploying wireless, so I still recommend you to do a site survey, better safe that sorry!

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Came across these...

Page 36 of the Cisco doc there is a table that shows a few distance estimates for an AP1572E to an iPhone client.

Also found a Miercom report that shows testing results on a 1572 and Samsung clients and the distances.

I also attached both doc's in case the links expire.


Ibrahim Bhuiyan
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What distance coverage for 5GHz?

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