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1562E Mounting position & depth, lightning arrestor cable type and location, recommended CAT6 STP outdoor rated Cable & grounding at switch

Hoping someone can help?

We just purchased quite a few 1562E WAPs. We will be responsible for mounting and connecting them for outdoor and indoor use. Questions are:

  • Outdoor-using AIR-ANT2568VG-N antennas (dual band) we must use antenna ports 1&2. Is it acceptable to mount the WAP upside down so the antennas & Ethernet cable point downward? Does this affect the signal (loss, pattern) negatively? Or does best practice dictate mounting antenna upward.
  • We are planning to mount the WAPs 30 to 36 inches out from the outside of our all-metal building. Is that necessary? What distance from an all-metal building is best practice? What about indoors?
  • Does Cisco offer a mounting bracket that we can purchase to mount these?
  • Using AIR-ACC245LA-N lightning arrestors, must a low loss coax cable be used, or can we use grounding copper wire? Can we affix the non WAP side of the lightning arrestor cable to either the mount or the metal building, or must we attach said cable to its own dedicated lightning rod in the ground? These WAPs will be mounted 12 to 15 feet up.
  • Can anyone recommend which CAT6 STP outdoor rated heavy duty cable to purchase?
  • When the switch side of the CAT6 run is terminated at the patch panel in the switch area, can someone recommend a best practice grounding method?
  • There is both COAX-SEAL and electrical joint compound included with the WAPs. Can anyone explain exactly which product should be used for what part of this install? We are using only the Ethernet port (PoE) to connect the WAPs. Is the compound used when tightening the nipple that the Ethernet cable goes through?
  • Most importantly, if anyone can send me a link to a video(s) that shows the RIGHT way to mount and terminate these WAPs that would be exactly what we need. I found a great video for our new 2802i but nothing for the 1562E.
    Thank you!





57 views and 0 replies? Hasn't anybody in these communities been down this road? Sure could use the help please. Thanks.

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