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Hello,   if I have a current WLC and it will be upgraded by newer one, can I use the old WLC and convert it to be SKU unit or this should be  hardcoded at the ordering phase    2- Also what will happen with the license on the SKU unit, does the 90 da...

mina_raouf by Level 1
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Hello experts, I want to implement two factor authentication for specific users group. via AD + MAC authentication.. I want to create  (Auth annd AuthZ) rule in ISE to allows specific users Group (from AD) and with there mac address. Could you please...

Hello,    I need to implement AP groups in a Cisco Mobility Express Environment.      In a production environment, WLANs (and clients too, as a consequence) take any subnet (VLAN) created in the AP master.    I'm sure this does not happen under a WLC...

Hi all, i am detecting an issue with WLC 3504 version 8.5.135. Users with iPhone7/8/10 are not able to connect. They join to the network, receive IP address but it seems they are isolated. Same users connected on WLC5520 version 8.5.135 are able to n...

When enabling 5G on the XOR radio, power level is stuck on level 8 (weakest). Even when i disable the native 5G radio - so only the XOR radio is enabled, the power level is still at 8. Tx power level assignment is set to Global, When selection Custom...

steiostb1 by Level 1
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Hello,   Is there an option to enable CRL check on an AP and controller running on 8.5? I have LSC enabled and was able to issue certificates to both the AP and the controller with the CDP extension present in both but I don't see an attempt to fetch...

momo33 by Level 1
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Hi,   In Cisco WLC release notes I see that a vWLCs can have the ports total traffic of 500Mpbs (in FlexConnect central switching mode). I think that in FlexConnect local switching mode the total traffic limit (per AP) would be the AP Ether...

Recently I bought an AIR-AP1852I to use in my office.I have never had a Cisco product before. We always had some cheap consumer APs before. I connected the AP to the energy, and connected the POE port to a switch on my network.The AP started showing ...

Hi,   I am trying to find a document on how mobility express deployment handles wpa2-enterprise authentication.    The question i have is: Do all APs authenticate against clients against the radius server directly, or does the leader of the ME deploy...

haroonz by Level 1
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