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2504 and Airplay

Hello All,

I've got a large residential site which has a 2504 and has a couple of AppleTV and Airport Expresses.  THe 2504 is running image which has the mDNS features.  I have been able to get the AppleTV's working no problem you can airplay from an iphone or ipad and all is good however the Airport expresses are another story. You can see them in the drop down list on you iphone or ipad and select as a stream location but I get no audio??? Audio to the Apple TV's work fine.

Config is

-1 single Vlan

- enabled IGMP

- enabled Multicasting (used a random value of

- set the MDNS profile with all Apple related services

- Applied the mDNS profile to the management interface and the wlan interface.

- MLD snooping also enabled.

Another potential symptom is that I cannot connect to the Airport expresses with the airport utility over the wifi? 

I thought if I got the Airplay working to the AppleTV's it would be the same for hte Airport expresses.

Any ideas?  I've followed all the guides but I'm obviously missing something.

Thanks in advance


Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

The Airport Express is wired correct? The bonjour gateway doesn't route mDNS from the wired side as of yet.

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Thanks Scott,  So if what you say above is correct then I don't have any options at the moment to make this work?

I thought the native Vlan just forwarded everything on the WLC?



One of my peers had a TAC case open and was told that wired devices are not supported with the mDNS feature on the 7.4 WLC. I know it doesn't work also because I have this setup at home an my wired PC can't communicate or see my Apple TV's.

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Hi All

I am also facing the same issue and I using Did we manage to find a solution yet?



Unfortunately not at the time.  We engineered the Airport expresses out and dissolved the issue rather than resolve it.

Hi David


I have updated to version 7.6 and I can see the airport express as "wireless" type

Clients on the same SSID/vlan are still not able to use the airplay function though as the airport extreme is not "visible"

You need to make sure AirTunes is also enabled in the mDNS profile. That's required to be able to mirror.  Wired is still not supported though. 

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I forgot to provide an update. Once updating to version 7.6 users were able to use airplay. The query for mDNS was every 15 minutes so I guess it took time to update the mDNS profile/broswer



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