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Access point abnormal behaviours during a fallback

Hi All,


I have access points in 2 sites  that are joining a regional primary controller and each ap is a member of a certain ap group 

we configured a secondary controller to those APs that is located in another physical location "not in HA pair"  and we tried to simulate the failover scenario where the APs will fall over and fall back normally 

when we disable the primary controller, all the APs were switched to the backup one but unfortunately the SSIDs was mapped to different VLAN numbers so it didn't work  so directly we roll back so all APs could join the primary WLC  again till fixing the configuration on the secondary WLC

but was weird that even when they were back to their primary controller  ALL APs joined normally  but some abnormal behaviors happen as 

Site-1: users can't obtain IP add and after a lot of troubleshooting  we rebooted the APs and it works fine 

site-2: APs joined the primary WLC  but in undesired AP groups, so moving them to their desired AP groups makes the APs reboot as well and the problem was solved 

so it was clear that AP reboot in all cases solves the problem

Is there any justification for these behaviors when APs reverted back to their original controller?  when the AP joined another controller with different configuration parameters like the VLAN number than the initial one, it should get the new configuration or it keeps caching the old one?

Are there any additional actions I could take care of?


Note: both WLC are with the same software version and no flex connect groups are created 


Flavio Miranda


 I had a similar issue in the past. There was a bug on the WLC version but it was 7.x , probably newer version does not have anymore.

  What you should do is configure the vlan mapping per group and not per AP. Check the option "Override VLAN on AP". 


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