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Air-AP1832i-B-K9 Accessibility?

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Thanks in advance for your time.


I am part of a small local 501(c) organization that has been donated Air-AP1832i-B-K9 devices as part of an effort to bring our organization into the 21st Century for WiFi and networking capabilities.


I have read every Cisco guide related to the AP and cannot determine how to access the devices donated.

Can anyone have mercy and help guide me to a thread that can help me accomplish bringing the org into modern times.



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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

If the AP is operating in CAPWAP firmware then the best way is to convert the AP to Mobility Express.  

Mobility Express firmware can be found HERE.

Cisco Mobility Express



Console cable arrived and I am connected to the AP. I have attempted to download the Mobility Express 161 version but I am being given a message that our 501(c) must have a Cisco Support Agreement, we cannot afford that so it appears that the donation of the AP's, while a great gesture, has been a waste of time and money at this point. Moreso, I have wasted my money buying a console cable out of my own money!


Thanks for your help, but looks like this is a dead-end and now the project stalls due to something so simple.



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